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3d animation films revolutionize the business

3d animation films revolutionized the business of family filmmaking in Hollywood, leading to scores of blockbusters. There was a time when it was really just Disney making animated films since they had a knack for telling classic stories in a family friendly kind of way and making the animation amazing. Other studios tried every now and then but you really need an entire animation department to do it right and most didn’t have one.

Then 3d animation films (Toy Story style 3d films, not the kind of 3d you need glasses for) came along and every studio wanted in. It took a while, of course, and Disney was the first to get in on it by signing a deal with the most successful 3d film studio of all time, Pixar. Pixar is now owned by Disney and just about every other major studio has a competing 3d animation film arm and across all the studios they crank up terrific new movies every year.