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Pixar and their incredible animated films

Pixar is the world’s most successful animated film company, without question. They’ve released 13 movies in a row that have debuted at number one at the box office, including their latest entitled Brave. They largely eschew sequels, which makes them even more amazing since they have to sell a totally new story to the audiences every time out and are still able to generate massive profits from doing so.

Toy Story was the first Pixar movie to get wide distribution and it was an instant hit. The storytelling was top notch, the voice acting great, and the animation style an amazing feat. The 3d animated films of Pixar continue to amaze audiences every year with only a few in their entire history that were not entirely beloved. They’ve picked up a number of Academy Awards for their excellence and they continue to be nominated yearly and will likely be the most successful animated films company long into the future.