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Salone dei and the Gucci Museum in Florence, where each required a refined sound design that produced a. We take pride in designing unique audio solutions never dreamed of before. Food is a obviously a big part of a positive dining experience, but the atmosphere of the venue is not any less important. The acoustics of the venue carries more weight than most owner of restaurants think. At K-array, when we approach the design of a sound system for a dining establishment, we take all these aspects in into consideration. Our Pure Array Technology line array elements guarantee a uniform sound pressure level in the distance meaning that not only the people sitting furthest from the speakers can hear it clearly but also the people sitting closest to the speakers are not disturbed. When the previous audio system was deemed to be unserviceable, with no potential left for expansion, the owners requested a solution that would totally modernize the venue, and give them a flexible configuration that would allow several different sources to be routed into combinations of zones throughout the venue depending on the event taking place.

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Bakgrund: I Sverige föds idag omkring avkomma årligen med någon form av hjärtsjukdom, men troligen är siffrorna högre enligt nya undersökningar. Flera av dessa avkomma behöver genomgå en hjärtoperation direkt postumt förlossningen. Den här tiden är stressande för de nyblivna föräldrarna. Syfte: Syftet med denna studie var att förklara föräldrars upplevelser av att få en hjärtsjukt barn.

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Patients with mental illness generally make their initial healthcare contact via a registered nurse. Although studies show that encountering and providing care to care-seekers with mental illness might be a challenge, little research exists regarding Primary Care Nurses' PCN view of the challenges they face. The aim of this study was to qualitatively explore PCNs' reflections on encountering care-seekers with psykisk illness in primary healthcare settings. The results consist of three themes: constantly experiencing patients falling through the cracks, being restricted by lack of knowledge and resources, and establishing a trustful relationship to overcome taboo, shame, knipa guilt.

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This publication is also no 11 within the series Skrifter från forskningsprojektet Rörlighet som tradition, Ängersjöprojektet, ISSN: Keynote lectures at the conference Boundaries knipa continuity: Reflections on some muddles in the models Sandra Wallman. The Early Medieval aristocracy and market, outlaying mark and deserted farms in Jämtland Gång Welinder.

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