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Mahtava ruotsin sanakirja ja tietosanakirja ilmaiseksi sanaparvena - Käsittelin jostain aikaisemmin löytämiäni ruotsin sanalistoja ja muutin niitä sanaparviksi, joissa sanojen välissä on pilkku, jotta ne voi copypastata massana tähän arpojaan. Toinen on sanan frekvenssisanasto ja toisessa on sanoja myös taipuneissa muodoissa.

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Sometime during the autumn of I worked with two large drawings. At that time I could sit for hours and with Chinese ink sketch large, detailed   pictures, which I later coloured. As I drew directly, without any preparatory pencil drafts, the result did sometimes not become what I had hoped for. Accordingly, I had to cut out the parts I was satisfied with, glue them to a new sheet of paper and redraw those sections that had gone wrong. The result was that some of my drawings consisted of several layers. I assume I drew as Inom write, it became a kind of adventure — I wanted the end result to remain fairly unknown, finding my way step by step. The two drawings I worked on depicted Che Guevara's death in Bolivia knipa some youngsters climbing onto Soviet tanks in Prague. I had recently turned fourteen and it was politically conscious times. I lay on the floor in my big sister's apartment in Malmö and for a few days become experienced young man, while Nunno was away due to her work as a flight attendant, I had my own key, ate at a restaurant and when I came home I was free to take care of myself; listening to her records and draw.

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